The old adage  “dog is man’s best friend” rings true for many canine enthusiasts. Dogs are recognized for their playful attitudes, warming affection, vast intelligence, and undying loyalty. As a dog owner, it is important to know how to take care of your pet’s needs, and this includes grooming care.

Dog grooming at Home

Grooming your own dog at home

While taking your four-legged companion to a professional groomer has its benefits, it can have many disadvantages. Schedule conflicts, high prices, and nerve-wrecking emotions your dog may have in this environment can make things more difficult. If you are interested in grooming your dog at home, be sure to learn of the ten dog grooming tips and tricks.

1. Brush Before Bath

Before you bathe your dog, it is important to brush (and comb) your dog’s coat. While taking your four-legged companion to a professional on the matted areas before applying any product. This allows shampoo to penetrate the hair and remove odors. Make sure you are using the right type of brush–contact your veterinarian or talk to someone who works at a pet shop.

2. Stick with Lukewarm

Clean water is obviously vital to having a nice, cleansing bath. When you bathe your pet, you must only use lukewarm water. If water is too cold, then this will make your dog feel chilly. If water is too hot, then you could burn your dog’s skin. When adding water to a tub, sink, or kid-sized pool, use only about four inches (in height) of water. Always add the water first because dogs can get nervous of running water.

3. Third Time’s the Charm

Prior to starting the bath, be sure to have three towels. This may sound excessive, but there are good reasons to have a trio of towels handy. The first towel is used to make sure your dog does not slip in the tub. Be sure to lay the towel down inside the tub for your dog to stand on. If you have a bath mat, then this may be used. The second towel is used to decrease or prevent your dog from shaking water and suds all over the place. Put the large towel over your wet dog before the rinse. Lastly, the third towel is to dry your pet off. You may need a fourth towel if you have a large dog to dry post-bath.

4. Double-Check Your Supplies

It can be hectic trying to make sure you have everything. You might forget a few items that are needed before you start grooming your canine companion. Before grooming, always make sure you have all of your supplies like dog clippers, shears, brush etc.. This way, you will stay on schedule and make the grooming experience easy on your little friend.

5. No Wet Ears

Another tip before bathing your dog: put cotton balls in your dog’s ears. When washing your dog up, you must avoid getting water in your pet’s ear canals. After you are done bathing him (or her), remove the cotton balls.

6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Always Repeat.

After lathering your pet up, it is obvious that you need to rinse off the dirt and suds. Once you have rinse your dog the first time, you must rinse again. This will decrease flaking as well as keep your pup clean for longer periods of time.

7. Choosing the Right Shampoo

While it is true that many dogs are treated like human children, it is a good reminder that there are exceptions. In other words, human shampoo should never be applied on dogs. The chemicals are different and can cause more harm than good. Get recommendations from your veterinarian and visit a pet store to find the brand that is right for you and your dog. Also, if your dog has fleas or ticks, you may need to buy a special tick or flea shampoo.

8. Keep Your Drain Unclogged

Like humans that shed their skin and hair, dogs can shed, too. As a preventative step, insert steel wool into the drain. This will capture loose dog hairs, thus avoiding any possible clogs.

9. Three’s a Company

What is better than one person grooming a dog? Try two people! If possible, have a friend or family member help you keep your dog from making a huge mess. You can get things done quicker and if the person has groomed dogs before, you can get assistance as to how to get things done for your pooch.

10. Treat Yourself and Your Dog

After successfully trimming and washing your dog, be sure to reward them! Give them a snack or a new toy to show how much you appreciate them for letting you get the job done. It will remind them that the experience is a good one. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself! Professional pet groomers may make it look easy, but it takes a lot of hard work to get results.