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What’s the best way to travel with your dog and your car.

As a dog owner or animal kennel attendant, you know how messy dogs can be when they play outside. Their paws step in grass and mud, which dogs will track and smudge inside your car. This can be a hassle to clean up; both messy and time-consuming. Luckily, consumers can purchase protective dog hammocks and seat covers to deal with these messy situations. Learn about how to choose the best dog hammocks and seat covers for your car by reading key tips and suggestions provided below.

What are dog hammocks and seat covers?

Dog hammocks and car seat covers

Dog hammocks (also known as dog seat covers) are durable, protective covers placed on your automobile’s interior. Your dog will sit or lay down on the cover without damaging the back seat. Not only do these hammocks keep your seats clean and dry, but they provide comfort your pet while you drive. You can find stylish covers that won’t clash with the color and texture of your vehicle’s interior.

How to Choose the Best Dog Hammock or Seat Cover

The ideal dog hammock fits snugly over your car seat. A way to determine the best size is by measuring the length of your backseat from one side of the seat bench to the other; you can also measure from one car door to the other (depending how much of the seat you want covered).
Next, you want to measure the width. Measure the top of the backseat to the top of the front seat. The measuring tape doesn’t have to be completely straight. Simply allow the measuring tape to fall down to the leg area and back up to the top of the front seat. Before purchasing the hammock, be sure to read the product’s dimensions after measuring your car’s interior.

Knowing the type of material used to make the dog hammock is essential because you want a product that is durable and has longevity. This is important, especially if you have large dog breeds. Read the description of the product and find out the type of fabric(s) used. If the product is water-resistant, that is an advantage to keep your hammock from being damaged. The material should be easy to clean and dry after use.

As you shop around for a hammock or seat cover that fits your needs, you may keep in mind of the appearance of the product. You can search for a dog hammock based on the color and design. For example, you might look for a dog hammock that is the same color as your car’s interior.

Safety is important to keep your pet safe from harm as you drive. Does the hammock come with seat anchors, multiple straps, or made of anti-slip material? Read the description before buying.

Your dog shouldn’t feel tense when sitting or lying down on the seat cover. The type of material used goes hand-in-hand with comfort.

Obviously, cost is a major concern for consumers. Find a dog hammock that fits your budget. Feel free to compare prices and see if the product’s cost is reasonable based on quality.

Products to Consider
Below, there are three models and brands of dog hammocks. You can determine which model is the best dog hammock/seat cover for your car based on the product description and reviews provided.

The GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Hammoc

Gorilla Grip is responsible for creating such an innovative, high-quality hammock. It is complete with dual seat anchors, twin elastic straps, and four straps that will attach and adjust onto headrests. These features help keep the hammock secure during long rides in the vehicle. Keep your canine friend safe with this awesome product. Take a look at this beauty here.
The double layer design is completely water-resistant and includes side flaps and closure made of velcro. The material protect against any mud smudges, rips, scratches, or fur from your pet. Tis hammock will fit in most vehicles.

Pocket large enough to place toys, leash, or grooming supplies inside
Thick and durable dual-layered material
Machine washable/Easy to clean with vacuum or cloth
Fits most vehicles (measures 63” x 56”)
Non-slip (grip dots under hammock, straps, etc.)

May not fit your vehicle, depending on make/model
Straps and clips may not last long

Our View: If you are looking for a sturdy hammock that will handle your dog’s messes, then this product will do the heavy duty job. Easy to place on the seat and clean after use.

Check for the price here

Chipaw Pet Car Seat Cover

The new, groundbreaking waterproof pet car set cover by Chipaw brings a lot to the backseat. The triad of durable materials allows this cover to protect the car’s interior as well as provide comfort to your dog. The bottom layer is made of special, anti-slip material that grips onto the seat without causing damage. The middle layer is made of soft, cozy foam that helps with absorption. Lastly, the top layer is made of high-grade Oxford polyester. More details are shown here.

During intense movement, the seat cover will stay in place. The anchors are designed to handle sudden, harsh movements while you are driving. The minimal stitching allows to keep liquids from getting onto your car seat which is why the product is advertised as waterproof. Comes with a free reusable storage tote and a seat belt leash for your furry friend. And, no matter the type of vehicle you drive (car, SUV, van), this amazing seat cover will fit due to the product’s ample measurements of 58.27” x 54.4”.

Good price
Comes with complimentary storage sack and seat belt leash
Three layers of material to protect your car seat
Anti-slip features included
Easy to clean after use

Doesn’t fit in all automobiles

Our View: The benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. At a good price, this product is definitely worth the investment. Various features added to the seat cover will protect your car and keep your dog safe.

BarksBar Dog Seat Cover

Maintain a clean and dry backseat with this original pet seat cover by BarksBar. The BarksBar is a waterproof hammock designed for most vehicles. The standard size of this seat cover, which can be found at Amazon, measures at 54” x 58”. The product comes in standard and X-Large size for $10 more.

High-grade polyester is responsible for the product’s strength, durability, and aesthetic qualities. Integrated velcro openings allow you to open and close the hammock for seat anchors and belts. This allows sturdiness and anti-slide capabilities to take place. Color bleeding isn’t a concern due to Color-Fast material and can face intense temperatures. Two pockets are included to hold onto your dog’s toys and other items.

Easy to install
Comes in a single standard color (black) which works with most car interiors
Two size choices: standard and X-Large
Dual pockets to hold leash, toys, or other items
High quality materials and dyes that do not bleed
Protects against spills, mud, and hair/fur

Not enough traction for comfort
May be too big or too small for interior; may become droopy
The cover itself is a bit thin

Our View: If you are seeking a product that is easy to place within your car and protects the interior, then this seat cover will work. You have two size options and pockets that will carry your pet’s belongings, which comes in handy for traveling.

Check out the price of this product here

Final Thoughts
In order to choose the best dog hammock or seat cover for your car, you must be willing to do the research. Look over any provided photos, read the descriptions, and compare between products before buying. These reviewed products are the most popular online and are highly suggested by their buyers. It is recommended to use the above factors of how to choose the proper hammock and make sure the product meets your standards. For more information, please contact the site.

And there’s another option if you want to save out a few dollars to make your own car seat cover. Here you find the instructions to make one yourself.