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Dog owners, joggers, and even next door neighbors would benefit from an ultrasonic dog repellent. Most people want a repellent that is easy and safe to use without causing harm to the animal. Others may not have even heard of dog repellents. Learn about the purpose of an ultrasonic dog repellent, how to choose the right model, and examples of top grade ultrasonic dog repellents on the market.


What is an ultrasonic dog repellent?

An ultrasonic dog repellent (also known as a dog deterrent or repeller) is a device used to stop a dog from barking and doing other forms of annoying behavior. Like a dog whistle, an ultrasonic dog repellent gives off a sound that only dogs can hear. The sound is an ultrasonic (high-pitched) tone that can eliminate the dog’s barking, biting, or jumping.

How do you choose the right ultrasonic dog repellent?

As someone who is new to dog repellents, it is understandable that someone would have difficulty choosing a top quality deterrent available on the market. Luckily, there are some factors that can be considered prior to purchase. These factors include:


The cost of one of these devices shouldn’t be overpriced or underpriced. You should decide based on the quality and materials of the product.


Is the deterrent or repellent portable? Can you carry the device to different locations? Choose a dog repellent that can be held in one hand and will fit in a pocket without bulging out. The product should be easy to carry while walking, running, jogging, or cycling.


If a dog looks as if it will charge after you, will the product work from 20 feet away? A quality handheld dog repellent should work from long distances without issues.


Obviously, your dog repellent should be effective. The tool should be able to cause the dog to stop barking or jumping excessively. The repellent should make you feel safe without causing harm to the dog. A good deterrent should have a flashlight (if you are in a dark area) and should let you know if the device’s power is low.


The dog repellent should be easy enough for a small child to use without causing any danger. The product should come with a set of directions on the proper usage. Learn the different buttons or switches that are integrated within the repellent.

Now that you have some idea of what to look for in a ultrasonic dog repellent , here are some of the highest rated dog deterrent/repellent products on the market.


PestZilla Handheld Dog Repellent

If you are searching for a heavy-duty, handheld ultrasonic dog repellent, then this device will do the trick. Keep yourself from getting pounced on with this handy dog repellent by PestZilla. You can find the product here. Thanks to the high pitch, you can stop dogs from up to 50 feet away. If you have friends or family coming over, you can use this helpful tool to keep your dog from barking or biting furniture.

The ultrasound deterrent doesn’t hurt humans’ ears because the sound can only be heard by dogs. It is advertised as completely harmless. What is nice about the PestZilla Repellent and Trainer is that there is an integrated LED flashlight to help you see in dark environments. It is powered using a 9 volt battery.


  • Portable & lightweight
  • Easy to hold with one hand
  • Comes with audible and silent options
  • Sound doesn’t harm the dog or humans
  • Can be used from up to 50 feet away
  • Comes in quality packaging and with directions


  • Doesn’t work on all dogs

Our Opinion: The advantages of this model outweigh the disadvantages. Results may vary. This would still make a great option to prevent dogs from barking too much or causing damage to your home.

You can check the price here on Amazon 

Hoont Electronic Dog Repellent

The Hoont Electronic Handheld Dog Repellent is the perfect way to train your canine companion and stop undesirable behaviors. Great tool for disciplinary action. If your dog compulsively barks, chew on objects, or pounces on guests, then this device will be useful. This repellent is powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery and can be used on dogs from up to 50 feet away.

Because this repellent is only 4 inches x 2 ½ inches, the device fits perfectly in a person’s hand or pocket. Perfect item for the dog walker or neighborhood jogger. If you are interested to learn more, please check it out:


  • Easy to grip/hold
  • Portable from one place to the next
  • Includes handy flashlight
  • Comes with instructions


  • Battery is not included
  • Results vary from dog to dog

Our Opinion:

This device would be a good addition to your arsenal for disciplining or training your pet. The product comes with instructions that should be easy to understand. As with any dog deterrent, be patient.

 Check the price here

Electronic Dog Repellent by Eliminator

Introducing the Eliminator™ Electronic Dog Repellent and Trainer. This particular dog repellent has a compact design complete with ultrasonic and audible buttons, an on/off switch, and an ultrasonic speaker on top. Next to the speaker, you will find a small LED flashlight that will make seeing in the dark easier.

The effective range is up to 50 feet, which means you don’t have to be too close to get an effect. It fits perfectly within your hand or pocket, and, the battery power indicator will notify you when your power is low. Find the product at this site:


  • Easy to use
  • Fits in hand and pocket easily
  • Works up to 50 feet in range
  • Has battery power indicator (to let you know when to get another battery)
  • Price is reasonable


  • Battery is not included
  • Doesn’t work through windows or walls

Our Opinion:

Great item to own for when you need to train or discipline your pet. Best to carry in pocket or place in a safe place to prevent dog from getting to it.

Check price here!


Finals Thoughts:

If you are seeking the best ultrasonic dog repellent/deterrent, then feel free to use information from the tips and examples of highly-rated products. Stay informed for future dog deterrents in the market. For more information, please feel free to contact this site.

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