Territorio de Zaguates – Sounds Familiar?

By | April 12th, 2018|Articles, Videos|

  Have you ever envied Roger, Anita and their family of a 101 Dalmatians? Not only do the humans get to cuddle with their best friends every single day, but they get to be surrounding with so much love and adoration that it is easy to forget their troubles and worries as soon as they [...]

Hilarious – Dogs Meet With Other Cute Animals.

By | March 25th, 2017|Videos|

Dog owners show their four-legged friends baby animals for the first time. The video compiles different clips of dogs meeting baby turtles, chicks, even kittens! The dogs express different emotions including happiness and fearfulness. Mostly, they are simply curious of these different animal species and will even try to pet them. In one clip, a [...]

Cute Dogs At The Playground 🐶 [Funny Pets]

By | March 25th, 2017|Videos|

  This is a video clip compilation of dogs playing in playgrounds with their respective parents. In the first clip, two identical dogs are enjoying themselves on a child’s swing set. The second clip shows a puppy sliding down a plastic slide into his young owner’s arms. The following clip displays three dogs sliding up, [...]

Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter

By | March 25th, 2017|Videos|

Marlon and Lisa Grennan, the owners of Dark Dynasty K9s, breed and train dogs at their kennel in New Hampshire. They are known for being the parents of Hulk, a 175-pound pit bull. In early 2015, Hulk has been seen all over the media for his enormity. The same year, Hulk became a father to [...]