Dog groomingThe Best Hair Clippers for Dog Grooming

Investing in the best dog clippers is something that you, as a pet owner, should do to help keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and looking great. But different types of dogs have different grooming needs, and in order to find the best hair clipper for your dog, there are several things you need to consider before buying one.

We’ll talk about these things to keep in mind when you go shopping for dog clippers. Then we’ll look at the best hair clippers for dog grooming and why they are at the top of their class.

Light Grooming for Dogs

If you are planning on using clippers to trim the fur on your dog’s feet or neaten their coat infrequently, say once a month, you might think buying electric dog clippers is unnecessary. Why not just use regular scissors or a hair shaver for humans, if you have one lying around the house? Please don’t do that. You risk injuring your dogs with scissors, especially if they’re frisky. Human hair clippers aren’t advisable either, because dog hair is different from human hair, and the motors in those devices aren’t strong enough to handle heavier cutting. Plus, you risk giving your dog a bad burn if the shaver overheats. For light grooming, you’ll probably find that a quality set of not-so-expensive home clippers will be sufficient for your dog’s needs.

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe

1) Wahl Professional  U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit

One of the more affordable pet clippers with the highest number of positive reviews on is the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit.

It’s suitable for dog breeds with fine to medium coats, such as Shih Tzus, Labradors, and Maltese. However, at least one dog owner reports having used them on pets with plenty of fur, with outstanding results.

Here are some of its notable features:

– Super high speed (up to 7,200 strokes per minute)
– Quiet motor
– Light weight, yet feels sturdy
– Comes with high performance steel blades that are adjustable to several sizes
– Includes accessories such as a pet styling comb, a styling apron, storage case, grooming and styling DVD, and various attachment guide combs.

While it isn’t the cheapest pet grooming kit available in the marketplace, it’s a steal compared to higher-end models, and does the job just as effectively.

It isn’t the perfect dog grooming product; it has received a few complaints from several users. One said he found himself having to stop using the clipper once in a while to let it cool down and to oil the blades. There were also several critical observations about the quality of the accompanying instructional DVD and how the blade seemed to get quite hot without an attached guide comb.

In spite of these caveats, the Wahl Animal Deluxe U-Clip Grooming Kit comes very highly recommended by both professional and home dog groomers.

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Wahl grooming kit

What Is the Most Quiet Dog Grooming Clipper?

Some dogs are very sensitive to noise, and so it’s important for owners of such dogs to get a quiet dog clipper in order to avoid stressing them out during grooming time. Manual clippers or pet scissors usually make less noise than electric dog clippers. They are suitable if you have a lot of time to spare since using manual clippers to groom your dog take a longer time than if you were using an electric clipper.

If your dog can tolerate a bit of a buzzing sound, then you might want to consider an electric clipper. The newer and higher-quality models do not make the kind of racket that older electric clippers used to make.

So what’s one of the top noise-free dog clippers you can use to help make grooming as stress-free as possible?

2) Oster A5 2-Speed Clipper w/10 Blade

Oster A5 2-Speed Clipper w:10 BladeOne that comes highly recommended by both professional and non-professional groomers is the Oster A5 2-Speed Clipper with 10-inch Blade.


Some users state that they were surprised at this pet clipper’s lack of noise, given that it has a powerful motor. It has plenty of advanced features that are useful for professional pet groomers, yet user-friendly enough for beginning groomers too.

The aforementioned motor can go as fast as 2,700 strokes per minute, which isn’t the fastest as dog clippers go, but users say it’s powerful enough to deal even with matted fur. Another plus is the fact that it doesn’t become uncomfortably hot to the touch even after extended use.

What other things have earned this Oster electric dog clipper so many five-star ratings? Here are a few:- Versatility with two speeds
– Stress-free grooming
– The blades do not overheat
– Easy removal and changing of blades; this is handy if you have pet dogs or cats with different coats
– Sanitary clipping with the CryogenX blade with AgION antimicrobial coating
– Comes with numerous accessories such as blade guard, extra brush and blade oil

Oster Golden


Another thing worth mentioning is just how strong and durable the Oster professional dog clipper is. Consumers report dropping them repeatedly without incurring any damage. They are also said to be very long-lasting, with some people saying they have had the same set for more than twenty years. It isn’t the cheapest one you can find on the market, but you recoup the price you pay for it just after a few grooming sessions, if you consider the price you pay for one session with a professional dog groomer.


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Cordless Dog Clippers or Corded?

Both cordless and corded clippers have their advantages and disadvantages. Most professional dog groomers have at least one of each on hand, to take advantage of the clipper’s strengths. The usual practice is to use a corded clipper for large areas of a dog such as the back, flanks and legs. Then they most likely shift to a cordless clipper to trim the dog’s smaller areas such as the paws, face, ears and belly.

So why don’t they just use a cordless clipper exclusively to groom dogs? While it’s true that cordless clippers are lighter and easier to maneuver to access hard-to-reach areas, one big factor against their favor is battery life. Professional dog groomers usually deal with more than just one dog a day, and grooming several dogs in succession will quickly deplete a cordless clipper’s battery. Running out of battery juice in the middle of a grooming job is bad for business, and inconvenient for the dog too. With a corded clipper, there’s no fear of running out of power as long as the device is plugged in.

Another reason why most dog grooming experts don’t rely exclusively on cordless clippers is that these devices usually come only with the standard 5-in-1 blades, and this limits opportunities for customizing the length of the trim.

So should you use cordless or corded dog clippers at home? It depends on what type of dog you have, how many dogs you have, how often you’ll be grooming them, and your personal preferences. For those who have only one small or medium sized dog who only needs touching up once in a while, a cordless clipper would be suitable since it’s lighter than corded clippers. The standard 5-in-1 blades that come with a cordless dog clipper are also sufficient if your objective is to just keep your dog well-groomed. There are many choices for high-quality cordless electric dog clippers out there, and the newer ones usually come with lithium batteries that last longer and charge more quickly than Ni-Cad batteries.


Wahl Home Pet Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet Clipper #97663) Wahl Home Pet Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet Clipper

One good example is the Wahl Home Pet Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet Clipper, which is one of the highest-rated rechargeable, cordless dog clippers by customer reviews on It can operate for up to two hours on a fifteen-minute charge and is suitable for all coat types.


Here are some more reasons why this Wahl electric cordless dog clipper is well-regarded among both professional and home groomers:

– Strong and quiet motor
– The precision blades ensure snag-free cutting
– Cuts through matted hair
– Comes with accessories such as multiple attachment combs and scissors
– Long-lasting lithium ion battery
– Short recharging time
– Does not run hot
– It’s quite popular among cat owners too

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Quite a few users say that the Wahl Home Pet Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet Clipper is louder than they expected it to be, and some say it doesn’t do a neat job of trimming either dog or cat fur. But for the most part, it has received hundreds of rave reviews. Whatever the type of coat your dog has, most users say it works really well.

Going With the Pros: Clippers That Professional Dog Groomers Use

Finding out what professional dog groomers use in their profession is a worthwhile endeavor for the obvious reasons: they use high-quality, powerful clippers that are durable, cost-effective, versatile, and get the job done to their and their customers’ satisfaction.

3) The Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper fits the bill.

Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper

Andis is a well-trusted brand among dog grooming professionals worldwide, and the ratings that this set of professional dog clippers has received on is a reflection of this.

Take note that you do not need to be a professional dog groomer to be able to use this Andis clipper effectively. Many do-it-yourself home groomers have purchased it upon the recommendation of the pros.

It’s as if the Andis professional dog clippers combines all the excellent qualities of the dog clippers featured above into one handy package. It has a two-speed rotary motor that meets the exacting demands of professionals, yet it runs quietly. The blade design is detachable, so you can change blades easily if you have several pets with different coat types to work with.
Here are some highlights of the top reviews for the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper:

– Sturdy housing that withstands shocks and drops
– It offers two speeds that make it suitable for both full clips or just a touch-up.
– Quiet motor that makes clipping around a dog’s eyes and ears stress-free
– Works great even with heavy, long, coarse fur or hair
– It’s lightweight, so you don’t get tired easily from handling it
– It doesn’t drag or pull the pet’s hair
– Solid construction
– A long and heavy-duty cord that makes it easy to move freely around your pet
– It has an ergonomic grip that ensures comfortable handling even for long periods of time
– Cleaning is straightforward with the removable drive cap

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One of the chief complaints from several users revolves around the issue of the blades getting uncomfortably hot. All metal blades will heat up with prolonged use, so you might want to consider getting an extra blade to use to replace the overheated one you were using while it cools down. Andis offers a ceramic version of its UltraEdge Blades, which professionals recommend because it stays cooler and sharper than metal blades. Another gripe has to do with the lack of a case or container to store the trimmers and blades in one place.

All in all, this is a powerful machine that gets you the most bang for your buck. With proper care and maintenance, it’s sure to last many years, as quite a few satisfied customers have attested.

Grooming your dog is not an easy job, but it’s so worth it. Aside from the money you save when you groom your own dog, you also get to spend some quality time to bond with your furry friend.

Just make sure you have the best dog clippers with the right blade size for the breed and size of your dog, as well as other related equipment and products you might need during and after the clip, such as a cooling spray, clipper oil, shampoos and combs. Also, remember to keep your blades clean and, if possible, give your dog a bath and a thorough combing before clipping, because dirt and matted hair will affect the effectiveness of the clipper’s blades.