Choosing the Best Dog Potty for Your Pet

If you are a new dog owner or unable to take your pet outside, purchasing a dog potty is a must. Your dog needs to have the proper place to do their business, and as an owner, you have to clean up and keep the environment sanitary. It is vital to be informed of the many styles, colors, and capabilities before spending hard-earned money on a product for housebreaking your canine pal. Educate yourself about the different kinds of dog potties and how to choose the best one.

Training your dog for potty toilet

What is a Dog Potty?

A dog potty is an indoor toilet made specifically for dogs. Like humans, dogs can use their potty to relieve themselves; it is an alternative to taking your pet outside to do their business. After your canine companion is finished, your job is to dispose of any urine or feces left behind.

Different Types of Dog Potties

Over time, manufacturers have created a wide variety of potty products to help you housebreak a new dog or to simply make cleaning easier. The market boom of the myriad styles of dog potties allows the consumer to make an informed decision. Potty pads, real grass, faux grass, and plastic potties are the most common categories; each one has their own advantages and disadvantages for both you and your pet. Learn about the benefits and downsides to each kind of dog potty:

  • Potty pads are thick, multi-layered pads made of different material such as cloth and tissue. These layers absorb any liquid waste that your dog makes. The purpose is to make cleaning easy and prevent urine and feces from leaking through the material. The downside is that leakage may occur with certain brands and this method isn’t very cost effective. Also, these pads tend to not be eco-friendly and an unpleasant odor may be produced. Here are two products that can be used with pads: review 1 and review 2
  • Real grass dog toilets are patches of grass, usually grown hydroponically (without soil) and are eco-friendly. Real grass makes getting your dog to urinate easier because dogs tend to prefer natural grass. Absorbance is made possible with real grass, so you are less likely to experience leakage. The disadvantages include cost (because you have to rotate the grass patch) and concerns for strong odors. See review 4 and review 5
  • Faux grass dog potties are patches of artificial or fake grass. As mentioned, dogs are naturally attracted to real grass outside, so they can associate the environment to bathroom time. Faux grass can have the same effect and make bathroom breaks easier for the pet owner. Companies are able to make high quality, convincing artificial grass. You can wipe and rinse the faux grass for repeated use; however, the smells can stay trapped in the grass mat. Check review 3
  • A plastic dog potty is another tool used for housetraining. Most of these potties are made from a high-grade, non-toxic plastic material and may have other types of plastic of metal parts incorporated into the toilet. Many of these potties have grates or trays that can be used to collect waste and are detached for easy disposal. Many of these plastic potties are mainly used for small or medium-sized breeds. Also, you may have problems finding replacement parts for the toilet. Another concern is if your dog will even use the toilet or not because of the lack of familiarity of this material.

Picking the Right Potty

As curious or concerned pet owner, you may wonder how to pick the right potty for your furry friend. There is a multitude of factors you must consider in order to choose the most suitable housebreaking tool on the market.

  • The size and design of a dog potty is essential to make sure that the potty isn’t too small or too big for the dog. Your dog should feel comfortable while using the bathroom. Also, depending on how much space you have in your home, you want to make sure it fits. When researching dog toilets, be sure to read the measurements (length, width, and height) so that you don’t end up wasting money or time on the proper housebreaking tool.
  • Durability is an important factor because you want your dog potty to withstand harsh conditions. For example, dogs tend to like to rip, scratch, dig, or chew up objects. Your potty should be able to handle be chewed or scratched on. In other words, the toilet shouldn’t be too easy to damage.
  • Your ideal potty should be able to soak up urine easily. Absorbency is important to make cleaning up your dog’s mess easy for yourself. You don’t want to end up with a slippery or sticky floor! And, let’s not forget about odors.
  • Cost is probably the most important factor many new buyers think about while shopping around for the right dog potty. Read about the type and quality of materials used (real vs faux grass) and base your decision of the product’s description. Don’t be afraid to compare prices.
  • Compatibility should be considered when purchasing the potty. Would setting/cleaning up the potty be easy for you? Would your dog feel comfortable using the toilet? Both you and your dog should love the product.
  • Other considerations have to be made when searching for the right potty Find out if  there are any extras that come with the product and if it is safe putting the potty outside.


Purchasing the Potty

Now that you are informed of the different types of dog potties and the factors that should be considered before buying one, take a look at the top five dog toilets in the market today.

1) Indoor Dog Training Toilet by AnyPet

If you are seeking a potty that is priced reasonably and easy to use, then this housebreaking toilet will do the job. The Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet works well with layers of newspaper or a training pad for simple clean-up. . You can find the product here.  This dog potty can be used indoors, so if you will be late getting home or there is bad weather in your area, the training toilet is perfect for any mess.

The durability of the Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet is quite impressive from the high quality plastic materials and size. The measurements are 21.26 inches (54 cm.) by 16.5 inches (42 cm.). So, at this size, it is perfect for a small adult dog or puppy. Installation is easy and a helpful mat is included to keep urine away from the bottom. This will keep your dog’s feet from getting wet. You have the option to choose between two colors: green or pink.


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect size for small and medium-sized breeds
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Affordable at a reasonable price
  • Easy to clean off after dog’s use
  • Comes with rubber attachment to prevent the toilet from sliding on floor


  • Not suitable for large breeds of dogs
  • Dog may have trouble using since it is plastic, not grass

Final Thoughts:

Aside from the few disadvantages, the Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet is still a quality product that would benefit those with small pets and are looking for a potty that will fit in small spaces. Easy to use and clean, this product would be quite the gift to your four-legged pal.

Check out the price here



2) FATPET – Portable Plastic Indoor Dog Potty

Maintain a pristine environment with this portable indoor potty by FATPET. The FATPET Portable Plastic Indoor Dog Toilet has a unique fence design to help keep urine from being splashed outside of the potty. This product measures 15.7″ x 15.7″ x 6.6″ (40cm x 40cm x 17cm), so it is perfect for small and medium-sized canines. For just $30, you will be able to clean up messes easily and keep teething puppies from ripping layered newpapers or training pads. This product comes in both blue and brown. You can find the product here.

The toilet is made of a thick, layered plastic with perforated screens on the bottom of the inside. At the front, there’s an edge that allows you to remove the screens for easy cleaning. Like the previous dog toilet, the screens allow urine to trick downward onto the training pad or newspaper underneath. Forget about only using layered newspaper or a training pad; this indoor dog toilet makes cleaning up simple. This prevents any liquid from getting onto your pet’s paws. No wet paw prints along your floor!


  • Perforated screens keep the urine from splashing out of the toilet
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Made of robust plastic material
  • Fair price


  • Not big enough for large dog breeds
  • Dog may have trouble adapting to toilet (dogs are used to natural grass environments)

Final Thoughts:

Aside from a few concerns, this dog toilet would be great to try out if your dog is still young. It is priced fairly, lightweight (but sturdy), and would make a great housebreaking tool for your fur baby. Feel free to clean and store after the pet’s use.

Check the price here.


3) PAW Puppy – Indoor Potty – Synthetic Grass

Dogs are used to expelling waste outside. This means, they mainly prefer grassy areas to do their business. When a dog isn’t used to be taken out of his element, it can create a problem for both you and him. You may prefer that your dog uses the bathroom inside your home, or you are unable to take your dog outside for whatever reason. Luckily, there is a product that can help. The PAW Puppy Potty Trainer Indoor Restroom for Pets gives a realistic look and feel that will help your canine companion use the bathroom. The product’s dimensions are 20″ x 25″ x 1.25″. There are two versions for both small and medium-sized dog breeds, so it is suitable for most pets. You can find the product here.

There is a triad system of layers that when combined contribute to making bathroom time easy and cleanable. The mat is made of non-toxic, odor-resistant synthetic grass; this doesn’t create a bad smell and doesn’t harm your dog in any way. The dog potty can be used inside your home or on the patio, just as long as you have enough space.

An insert made of high-grade plastic allows the liquid waste to drain out from the potty. The collection tray is made of robust material, so you don’t have to worry about easy damage done from cleaning or after your dog’s use. Cleaning is a cinch! Simply clean with soap and water and it will look good as brand new.


  • Made of sturdy, durable material
  • Comes with collection tray for urine/feces
  • Perfect for homeowners and apartment renters
  • Grass looks realistic and has odor-resistance
  • Comes in two different sizes


  • Plastic pieces slide too easily
  • Cleaning can be difficult
  • Not the best dog potty for large breeds

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a magnificent product for small pets, especially if they are puppies. The product isn’t as flimsy and doesn’t break apart like some potties are known to do. Also, it is cost effective, so you won’t have to shell out too much money to allow your pet to pee with ease. While keeping in mind of the shortcomings, this is a potty worth purchasing.

Check the price here



4) DoggieLawn – Real Grass Dog Potty

The DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty is known for having a “convincing” layer of grass. Unlike some brands and models of dog potties, this product has synthetic grass that will absorb your pet’s urine while being safe for the environment. Learn more here.

In comparison to some models, this dog potty is big at 24.75″ x 21″. Great for different sizes and ages of dogs. The pad is thick-layered with the top layer made of genuine grass. It is easy to use by simply removing the cardboard tray and grass completely.

This product is ideal for puppies, dogs with busy owners, pets that live in an apartment or condominium, and older dogs that cannot move as well as before. What is nice about this potty is the complimentary training consultation that is available after purchase. And priced at less than $20 (not including shipping), this is a good deal. Makes a great gift for your little guy.


  • Cleaning is simple and great for those with limited mobility
  • Free product training is available
  • Price is reasonable


  • May have to buy multiple times due to lack of longevity
  • Pieces of the synthetic grass may come apart
  • Dog may be tempted to dig the potty or not even use it (because it is faux grass)

Final Thoughts:

This disposable dog bathroom would be great for those who want something simply, but more realistic that can convince your four-legged friend to utilize when nature calls.

Have a look what’s the price of this item

5) Disposable Dog Potty with REAL Grass – As Seen on SHARK TANK


This potty has hydroponic grass layered inside a long, rectangular piece of cardboard. This makes disposing the used product a breeze. Your dog will use the Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty for a week and your next potty can be delivered as soon as possible. The grass is living and absorbs strong odors. It naturally attracts most canines, thus making housebreaking a cinch. Feel free to take a look for yourself.

What is amazing about this potty is that the absorption of urine prevent leakage and makes cleaning a cinch. The thick growth of hydroponic grass and root structure helps absorbs your pet’s mess and stay intact. A realistic grass scent has been embedded to allow your dog to feel comfortable to do their business.


  • Realistic look and smell of grass
  • Absorbs strong odors
  • Easy to clean and dispose
  • Delivery is available


  • Difficult for larger breeds of dogs to use; suggestion is to buy two for one dog
  • Risk of mold and fungi growing in the grass
  • Not cost effective—have to throw out the grass every week and get new grass delivered
  • Cardboard not very strong, may not absorb urine well

Final Thoughts:

Again, this is a quality product that is the closest thing to actual grass from your yard. At the end of the day, it is mainly your pawed pal that decides if they like this product or not.

How much to buy this fresh dog potty?

Overall Review

All things considered, each product has their own sense of style, structure, color, and comfort that your dog needs in order to have a relaxing bathroom break. Both advantages and disadvantages can be found within each dog potty, but ultimately, it is up to you as the consumer to decide which would work best for your best friend.

The brands and models of the listed products focus on the importance of housebreaking your dog. If you work or go to school for long hours, buying a well-designed bathroom for your dog would be a great investment. The same applies if you or your dog are unable to go outside due to weather or health-related issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.