Saluki – Greyhound
At one point or another we have all heard of the Fertile Crescent, right? Known as the cradle of civilization to most, the fertile crescent alone is responsible for providing us with a number of things that we cannot live without anymore. From the development of the art of writing to glass making to agriculture and irrigation, we owe a whole lot to the fertile crescent.

But, what most people do not know is the oldest breed of dog known to man also hails from this piece of land. Born and breed as a native of the fertile crescent and living proof of ancient history to date, the Saluki, that is also known as Tazi or the Persian Grey Hound is a sight to behold. This breed of superdog is almost 2000 years old. Having known to be around as early as 329 BCE, rumor has it that it was around during the time when Alexander the Great invaded India.

Now, that is seriously long time to be around.

Physical Attributes

In olden days, they were predominantly used for hunting purposes. They tend to run their prey down before they kill it and are usually 23 to 28 inches call. The females of the species are slighter and smaller in size as compared to the males, with their average weight being around 40 to 60 pounds. They resemble slighthounds physically, with a long legged and deep chested body.

This breed is extremely graceful in its appearance, with dual textured coat and silky fur. They shed a whole lot less compared to other breeds, but they are not the sort of breed you would cuddle with. Seeing as to how old they are, one can say they are truly majestic in nature and stand with pride, with their head held high.

One can aptly say that they know their worth really well.


Unlike most breeds, the saluki is an intelligent breed that is as sensitive as it is intelligent. It is because of that sensitivity, that this breed can and should never be trained with harsh methods or force.

As mentioned earlier, this breed was mostly used for hunting purposes, especially while hunting animals like hare, gazelle and foxes. This was particularly because the saluki were seen to be extraordinarily fast. Even to this day, the Greyhound, that is seen to be the fastest dog breed pales in competition with the saluki, especially if the competition is held over long distances. This is because of their heavily padded feet that enable them to run for long distances with wearing themselves out or seriously harming themselves.

The Bottom Line

As they often say, old is gold and that certainly seems to hold true for a breed like Saluki, whose ancestors were found painted on pottery almost 6,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent and even depicted on ancient Egyptian tombs. They are fast, they are gentle and a good breed to have around especially on a farm.