They may be a man’s best friend but there are a few things about dogs that their human best friends may not even be really privy to. In the spirit of canine and man friendship and love, here is a look at some of the quirkiest details about the man’s best friend.

  • They Dream

It might be hard and out there, especially for human being to fathom, even in the slightest, but their doggy pals do dream. Research shows that dogs, much like humans have a REM phase in their sleep cycle. Since REM phase controls dream patterns, one can certainly assume that our dear doggy friends dream of cute and adorable doggy things, much like they themselves.

  • Different Vision

It was once perceived that dogs could only see in black and white. They can neither see, nor differentiate between colors, or see object withy stark contrast. But, according to a recent study, it has been discovered that dogs can impart see colors, much like humans do. They only difference between man’s vision and doggy vision is the number of cones. Cones, or color receptors, are responsible for differentiating between different colors. Since most colors are made from the combination of three primary colors, the human eye is able to see them. Unlike humans, dogs have two sets of cones as opposed to three. This enables them to see colors, even though they are not as vivid or as bright.

  • Night Vision

The lack of cones also reduces their ability to distinguish between certain colors, but their life is not as dark. They might have fewer number of cones in their eyes, at the same time, they have a larger number of rods. Roads are light sensitive and are more than capable of seeing a whole lot better in the dark. Thus, colours or no colours, our dear best friends have the coolest eyesight ever.

  • Nose Print Identity

It is common knowledge that every single human being has a very different set of finger prints. They are used for identification purpose since every single set of finger prints is unique. In a similar manner, according to the Canadian Kennel Club, every dog has a very different nose-print. It is used as the proof of identity and the CKC has been using it for as long as 1938.

No two dogs have the same nose print

  • Divine Smells

It goes without saying that dogs have a way better sense of smell than humans do. They are used for rescue and drug-search purposes, to name a few, their wonder nose serves. But, the quirky fact about their noses in the fact that while they have whole lot more olfactory receptors compared to us, their sense of is designed to be completely opposite to ours as well. To us, trash its revolting. That is why we call it trash. But, to our furry, dear, keen-nosed friends, trash smells amazingly divine. I hope it makes sense to most dog-owners out there as to why their pets love to roll around in their own pile of goo.

So, there you have it, five strange facts about your dogs that, while may not be all good, but us certain to amuse you. Or, even remind you how amazing those lovely creatures you call your best friends really are.

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