Territorio de Zaguates

Have you ever envied Roger, Anita and their family of a 101 Dalmatians? Not only do the humans get to cuddle with their best friends every single day, but they get to be surrounding with so much love and adoration that it is easy to forget their troubles and worries as soon as they step through the threshold. Even though 101 Dalmatians is a tale of fiction, one can certainly be envious of the notion. It is not always that one can find a place filled with fluffy and gorgeous furry best friends that a man can ever have.

Or, can they?

Appropriate called the Territorio de Zaguates, or the “Land of the Strays”, is a privately funded organization in Costa Rica that is akin to doggy heaven on earth.

Not only do its furry occupants get to roam freely on a piece of grassy and scenic land that they get to call their own. But, they also get their very own set of unique handlers that volunteer their own time to care for them.

Where Do They Come From?

When you are discussing a place as big as this one where thousands of dogs live with ease, are increasing every single day and are up for adoption, it is easy to believe that it is certainly a place where purebreds are bred and raised. Well, you couldn’t be further than the truth with that sort of thinking.

The dogs residing in Territorio de Zaguates are usually abandoned street dogs that are rescued from the streets and brought to this amazing mountainside vistas. Not only is every single canine in this doggie heaven treated with exceptional love and care, but every single one of these furry angel is treated uniquely. Here, these beauties are not classified by their breeds or their ancestry, but there is a unique breed created for each and every one of them. With names like “Fire-Tailed Border Cocker” and “Chubby-Tailed Dovernauzer” for instance, the people visiting this place can be certain to take home a unique breed of dog that is truly one a kind.

An Amazing Effort

At Territorio de Zaguates, a doggie heaven on earth, every single dog is seen more than a street dog. They are treated with love and care, as mentioned earlier, and assigned their own personal breeds, giving these unique canines a place to shine. It is places like these that are solely responsible for dispelling myths about a number of dog facts, which includes the idea that owning a purebred than adopting a rescued dog.

Every single dog on Territorio de Zaguates up for adoption and all of them are recused from some pretty interesting and dire situations.

Thus, if you are thinking of getting yourself a lifelong friend, it is better to get yourself a friend whose life you can change for the better. Adopt a rescued dog today and feel the joy of saving a life, a life that deserves to live out its lifetime to the fullest.

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