War dog Mr Chips

People say that one gets to know one’s true self and the people around them, when they are tested. Every relation, no matter how close, shows its true colors when going gets tough and things get messy. But, some living beings, human or not, do know what it is like to live and die for the people they love. The story of mr chips, the war dog, is one that can serve as an ideal example of what selflessly caring for another is like.

The War Equipment

Known as a mere piece of “equipment” during the second world war, Chips was an American war dog. A simple dog really, chips was a sentry that was trained to stand guard and ensure that his wards were safe at all times. He also tried to keep the soldiers company during a time where kindness and care were a limited commodity.

But, what the people listing good old chips as “war equipment” certainly didn’t know is the fact that how important chips could be at the hour of need. Never the less, Chips did a whole lot more than what he needed to do with no thought of the consequences or anything else for the matter. All the boy did was try to save the people he called friends, and in the end he did a whole lot more than just save his friends. Thus, proving that he is a lot more than a piece of mere “equipment” he was listed as.

The Brave Soul

He was listed as equipment. He was supposed to act as a guard. He was meant to keep the soldiers company and remind them a little bit of family, of home. But, he was a friend indeed to the people he cared for. This precious dog single-handedly saved the lives of many soldiers on several different occasions.

This brave pup served these incredible feats of kindness and selflessness for years to come. One of the most famous rescue operations carried out by this amazing pup took place when his platoon came under attack with a pill box. Chips broke free from his handlers and rushed onto the battle field. With no regard to his own safety or well-being, this sentry launched himself on his attackers, who were relentlessly firing machine guns. He was brave and persistent in his attack, refusing to cease until the attackers with the big bad machine guns surrendered to him, completely.

Following the War

Starting off as equipment, this sentry continued to fiercely protect the people that he cared for, for the rest of his gallant life. For his services, he was awarded the Silver Star, The Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross, which were later revoked because he was just a dog.

Later, in 2018, our brave old Mr. Chips was finally recognized for his valiant efforts and given the PDSA Dickin Medal, i.e. equal to the Victorian Cross presently.

He was a hero in its own class, indeed.